Social and Racial Justice actions take many forms. But the purpose is the same: to build understanding and respect; to stand up for the rights of all; to confront stereotypes, bigotry, racism and ignorance; and to empower each and all of us, and especially those marginalized in the United States. 

The forms of our work may involve:

  • Holding in-person and online forums about social and racial justice issues, especially providing current information or to bring light to historical perspectives that have been previously dismissed or hidden.
  • Encouraging ourselves to raise our voices about social and racial justice issues, whether that is at a rally or through communication with elected officials about policies – or the lack of policies.
  • Collaborating with various groups that are taking action to correct an injustice

Sometimes educating ourselves is the most important thing we can do to make the change happen that is needed in our society. And then speaking up - when we see something that is not right at an individual level AND at a structural level.

If you are interested in helping to plan Social and Racial Justice actions, please fill out the volunteer form here.

Our Mission - Together

We embrace diversity, within our shared humanity, to create peace in our homes and local communities. 
TOGETHER’s mission is to lift up, honor, celebrate and educate people about the differences and shared values of a pluralistic community. We promote acceptance, knowledge, trust and mutual respect. We seek to create a more inclusive and just society that values the traditions of all faiths, cultures, races and ethnicities. 
Although our goals are not limited by geographic boundaries, we primarily focus our events and actions within the greater Mercer County area in the state of New Jersey.