TOGETHER’s goals are to: 

  1. Build understanding, trust and respect among people across diverse faiths, races and cultures;
  2. Stand up for the rights of persons in our community regardless of the racial, faith or cultural group to which they belong and stand against unfair treatment;
  3. Promote a pluralistic, multicultural, multiracial society;
  4. Provide ongoing opportunities for dialogue to increase awareness and understanding of differences and differing perspectives;
  5. Connect diverse individuals through community service, social justice action and interfaith learning;
  6. Combat stereotypes, counter bigotry, racism and ignorance, instill compassion and build community resilience;
  7. Empower youth in their respective cultures, races and faith traditions and support their spiritual growth;
  8. Educate people about the rich traditions of all races, faiths and cultures in an accurate historical context;
  9. Empower individuals to stand together standing in solidarity with those living on the margins of society;
  10. Conduct our work reflective of our goals, that is, to have our leadership reflect diversity and to ensure access to power, resources, fair treatment and decision-making is available to persons of all races, faiths and cultures;
  11. Create opportunities to serve together and to work towards building inclusive and just communities; and
  12. Collaborate with other groups, especially those of many faiths, races, and cultures, and those led by marginalized groups

Our Mission - Together

We embrace diversity, within our shared humanity, to create peace in our homes and local communities. 
TOGETHER’s mission is to lift up, honor, celebrate and educate people about the differences and shared values of a pluralistic community. We promote acceptance, knowledge, trust and mutual respect. We seek to create a more inclusive and just society that values the traditions of all faiths, cultures, races and ethnicities. 
Although our goals are not limited by geographic boundaries, we primarily focus our events and actions within the greater Mercer County area in the state of New Jersey.