One of the most fundamental means of providing better understanding among diverse peoples is to learn about and understand their religious beliefs. This helps build a greater awareness of many perspectives – including our own.

We promote a humble posture of learning and respect for alternative viewpoints, without preference for any one viewpoint. We promote the joy of coming to understand the many perspectives of humanity. 

If you are interested in helping to plan or assist with Interfaith events, please fill out the volunteer form here.

Some of the events promoting Interfaith Understanding include:

  • The annual “Walk the Interfaith Talk” at Mercer County Park.
  • Hosting interfaith seminars conducted locally or online with various faith communities represented by the participants often focusing on a topic, such as, “your faith’s view of justice.” 
  • Collaborating with local religious groups that sponsor interfaith community events.
  • The Golden Rule program, emphasizing this common principle found in every religion.
  • Outreach to other faith communities by establishing a network of interfaith ambassadors.

6th Annual Walk the Interfaith Talk Event

On Saturday, October 21, 2023 TOGETHER (a project of the Coalition for Peace Action) hosted their 6th Annual Walk the Interfaith Talk event at Mercer County Park.

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Attendees of different faiths braved the intermittent drizzle to gather for a good opportunity to experience new people and perspectives. Attendees were paired up and given time to walk the park's trails while gaining an understanding of each other's faith or no faith.

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All were encouraged to bring light refreshment, and spend some extra time together afterwards. The annual event's mission is "Creating Connections ... Breaking Stereotypes ... Building Peace".

All photos courtesy of TOGETHER.

Our Mission - Together

We embrace diversity, within our shared humanity, to create peace in our homes and local communities. 
TOGETHER’s mission is to lift up, honor, celebrate and educate people about the differences and shared values of a pluralistic community. We promote acceptance, knowledge, trust and mutual respect. We seek to create a more inclusive and just society that values the traditions of all faiths, cultures, races and ethnicities. 
Although our goals are not limited by geographic boundaries, we primarily focus our events and actions within the greater Mercer County area in the state of New Jersey.