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CFPA asks all members to renew, and others to join, early each year.  Receiving membership dues early in the year greatly helps with our budgeting and cash flow. So please renew or join NOW by clicking here.

We face great threats to peace in this crucial Election Year, as we are one year into the Trump era. Especially urgent and alarming is Mr. Trump’s bellicose and militaristic approach to the North Korea Nuclear Issue. Most experts are citing a greatly increased risk of war, even nuclear war—some estimating as high as 60%!

Mr. Trump has also taken an anti-diplomacy approach to the Iran Nuclear Agreement, despite full compliance by Iran for two years. He decertified the Agreement in October, and it is now in danger of being undermined.

We need your strong support for our Campaign forDiplomacy, Not War with North Korea and Iran. A sign of hope is that South Korea just initiated successful diplomacy with North Korea, which offers an opportunity to expand into peacefully resolving the nuclear crisis there. But that will only happen if we demand it! 

We also must stop a new nuclear arms race! Trump has proposed a $1.7 trillion US nuclear build-up, including new, more “useable” nuclear weapons. Right now, a new Nuclear Policy is being finalized that reportedly will greatly expand the options for using nuclear weapons.

Finally, we need to strengthen ourCeasefire NJ (CFNJ) Projectto build support for sensible gun regulations to reduce gun violence.  CFNJ has already had a major success by spearheading the bipartisan passage of a Bump Stock Ban, which Gov. Christie just signed! We need your support to build on such successes.

A special challenge this year is the crucial 2018 Mid-Term Elections! CFPA pioneered a highly successful Peace Voter Campaign to maximize the impact of our issues in 1995, and that has become a national model. Our annual Board Strategy Retreat just targeted five races, a daunting challenge we can only meet with your strong support! Key to maximizing our impact is to start early, so please give NOW!

To meet the above challenges,  we need to increase our financial strength by asking you to increase your contribution. One option is a Lifetime Membership for a one-time contribution of $1,000.

You can also increase your support by becoming a monthly or quarterly pledger. Pledging  is an easy, efficient, and less demanding way to substantially increase your support for the work of CFPA by spreading your donation over time.

To  make your monthly or quarterly pledge charged to your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover Card, click here. If you later need to adjust or discontinue your pledge, just contact our office.  

However, if you simply can’t become a Lifetime member or pledger, click here to contribute your annual membership NOW!

CFPA’s suggested  annual membership contribution is $50 for an individual and $80 for a household. Our  sliding scale options, after these suggested dues, remain available. We don’t want anyone to not be a member if they can’t afford the suggested dues.

We also encourage you to use this link  to make a tax-deductible contribution over and above the membership—which would really help us address the increased challenges described on the first page.

Pledges, donations, and memberships are essential to giving us the finances and political clout to maximize our impact for peace. In numerous contacts with elected representatives, candidates, and the press over the past four decades, I’ve frequently been asked how many paid members we have. It is a key measure of our collective credibility and power.

Your pledge or membership offers unique benefits. You’ll be sentCoalition Update, our periodic newsletter,  can register for member-only events like the Annual Membership Dinner, and be eligible for substantial member discounts for CFPA events like the November 11, 2018 Annual Conference and Multifaith Service for Peace.  

Given this crucial Election Year, we need your help to intensify our organizing to protect our successes and meet major new challengesWe can only do this if we each do our part, responding as generously as possible.

Make your annual commitment to peace TODAY! Please click here to contribute your 2018 pledge, lifetime or regular membership.   

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The Coalition for Peace Action (CFPA) is a grassroots citizens' organization bringing together people of all ages, backgrounds, professions and political persuasions around three goals: global abolition of nuclear weapons, a peace economy and a halt to weapons trafficking at home and abroad.

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