Victory on Over-ride of NJ Governor's Veto of Gun Violence Bill! Support Needed for Next Steps!

Sent to Coalition for Peace Action (CFPA) Contact on Thursday, October 22, 2015:   

I'm thrilled to report that a few hours ago, the NJ Senate for the first time voted to over-rode a veto by NJ Gov. Chris Christie (after 52 failed attempts) on S2360, a bill that would put more checks on those with severe mental illnesses from being able to buy a gun.

See press release below my name announcing this major victory.As with all peacemaking, it was a great team effort.

Besides the three Republican Senators who voted for the over-ride, I want to give special thanks to Dolores Phillips (second one down) our Ceasefire NJ Legislative Director; and my colleagues in the faith community, who Sen. Bateman specifically mentioned in his decision to vote for the over-ride.

Now the effort moves to the NJ Assembly, where we need six Republican members to vote yes. The good news is that two Republicans, one of whom we have worked closely with, have already announced their decision to vote yes.

We are working on a shoe-string; please click here to make your generous contribution NOW, to help us sustain momentum and get to the finish line! 


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 S2360 Gun Safety Bill Passes with 2/3 Majority of NJ Senate

After 52 failures to over-ride Gov. Christie's veto, the NJ Senate today voted by the 2/3 majority needed to over-ride him. The over-ride of Christie's veto of S2360, a bill that would put more checks on someone seeking to expunge their mental health history to buy a gun.

A September 24 over-ride effort on the same bill fell two votes short. Today it achieved the 27 votes needed to get to the 2/3 majority required for an over-ride.  

Three Republicans were needed to join the 24 Democrats for the over-ride. CFNJ organized two press conferences, sent alerts to its network across the state, and organized a faith leaders meeting with Sen. Chris "Kip" Bateman, a key swing Republican. Senator Bateman mentioned his meeting with faith leaders in announcing his decision to support the over-ride.

Besides Senator Bateman, Republican Senators Chris Connors and Joe Kyrillos also voted for the over-ride.  

CFNJ volunteers called 275 CFPA members in District 16 to urge Senator Bateman to vote yes. CFNJ organized a strong delegation meeting, including four clergy, with Sen. Bateman.

"We applaud Senators Bateman, Connors, and Kyrillos for rising above partisan politics and voting to strengthen the safety of New Jerseyans from gun violence. We especially applaud Senator Bateman and Connors for making floor speeches urging their Republican colleagues to also vote for the over-ride," said the Rev. Robert Moore, executive director of the Coalition for Peace Action, or which CFNJ is a part.

Further information can be obtained by visiting the Ceasefire NJ web page, or by calling 609-924-5022.