The notice below will soon be postal mailed to CFPA members who haven't yet contributed their 2014 membership. If you are among those, or aren't yet a member of CFPA, we encourage you to click here to make your membership contribution now. If you have already renewed, click here and use the the second option to become a monthly or quarterly pledger, or the third option to make a one time tax deductible contribution.

October 2014 

Dear Coalition for Peace Action (CFPA) Member,

I’m writing to follow up on our requests to renew your 2014 membership conveyed earlier in the year, by postal mail, email and by phone (if we have your information for the latter two). Our records still don’t show our having received your annual membership contribution. This is our final request for you to renew your 2014 membership. If our records are in error, please accept our apologies and let us know when you renewed.

The standard annual membership contribution remains $40 for an individual and $70 for a household. But we don’t want the inability to donate those amounts to stop anyone from remaining a member who wants to. So we have a sliding scale third option, in which you can give whatever you can afford to renew. Please click here to renew your 2014 membership right away!

We’ve had a productive year of peace organizing to date, including participating with the theme No Wars, No Warming in the Peoples Climate March on September 21 in New York. See the Highlights of Accomplishments, along with photos and more detail in Recent Events and Recent Coverage.

We have plans to continue to move forward to finish the year strongly, including our Peace Voter Campaign leading up to Election Day on November 4; and the 35th Annual Conference and Interfaith Service headlined by Naomi Tutu and Amy Goodman on November 9. Both of these are detailed in the recently mailed Fall 2014 newsletter.

We also face major new challenges, including the bombing in Syria, sustaining the ceasefire in Ukraine, and the proposed “modernization” of US nuclear weapons estimated to cost $1 trillion over the next 30 years.

To meet these challenges, we need your membership! Members provide the financial support and political clout that are the lifeblood of sustained and effective peacemaking. One of the first questions elected officials and candidates ask me is how many members we have—it’s a measure of our advocacy power.

So please click here to renew your 2014 membership NOW!                                                                              


The Rev. Robert Moore

Executive Director
Coalition for Peace Action
40 Witherspoon St.
Princeton, NJ 08542
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(609) 924-5022 phone 

P.S. Contributions to the Coalition for Peace Action (CFPA) can be used for lobbying and voter education, so are not tax deductible. Contributions to Peace Action Education Fund (PAEF) are for public education and are tax deductible.