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ICBMs (intercontinental ballistic missiles) are the single most dangerous part of the nuclear threat that hangs over all of us.

Their launch-on-warning “hair-trigger” posture could easily lead to an accidental nuclear war. The president would have about ten minutes to make a decision that would result in the deaths of at least millions of human beings, and could be based on a false warning!

Even though these weapons are extremely dangerous, and considered superfluous by many experts, current plans would sink vast amounts of money into a new generation of ICBMS.

Now, some members of Congress are stepping up to do something about it -- and you can do something to help in the next couple of minutes.

Senator Ed Markey and Representative Ro Khanna have introduced the "Investing in Cures Before Missiles" Act to transfer the funding to developing a universal coronavirus vaccine, and save countless lives!

Click here to ask your Senators and your Representative to co-sponsor and support this bill. Our collective future depends on it!

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The Coalition for Peace Action (CFPA) is a grassroots citizens' organization bringing together people of all ages, backgrounds, professions and political persuasions around three goals: global abolition of nuclear weapons, a peace economy and a halt to weapons trafficking at home and abroad.

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