While the impeachment inquiry is taking up most of the oxygen on Capitol Hill, it remains vitally important that we keep the pressure on Congress in matters of war and peace. In the next couple of weeks, Congress could be taking up final passage of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). 

There are several critical amendments that, if passed, would add much-needed constraints to Trump’s reckless foreign policy.

Since taking office, Trump has nearly dragged us into an unnecessary war with Iran. He’s continued U.S. involvement in the brutal war against Yemen. He’s advocated for building new nuclear weapons, in addition to expanding how they might be used. This list goes on and on. Without question, this is a president that needs to have his policies checked. 

As it stands right now, the House version of the NDAA, H.R. 2500, does just that. It includes amendments that would bar an unauthorized war with Iran. It would finally repeal the 2002 Authorization for the Use of Military Force that authorized the U.S. invasion of Iraq. It bars the deployment of low-yield nuclear weapons, in addition to many other common-sense provisions.

Here’s the problem - it’s not a sure thing that these urgent reforms will be retained when combined with the Senate version of the bill. Certainly many members of Congress are going to be greatly pressured into supporting an NDAA without these protections.  

Please, click here to email your members of Congress today and demand that they fight to keep these important amendments in place.

There are 6 provisions that we are especially focused on: 

1) To prohibit funds for an attack against Iran without specific authorization from Congress

2) To prohibit U.S. support of and participation in the Saudi-led war in Yemen

3) To repeal the 2002 authorization for war in Iraq

4) To prohibit deploying lower-yield nuclear weapons

5) To express the sense of Congress that the United States should seek to extend the New START Treaty

6) To prohibit funding for new INF-type missiles until pragmatic diplomatic and strategic planning steps are taken

Your members of Congress can insist that this language remain in the final NDAA, but only if they hear from you. Act now for peace!

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