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Photos by Anna Savoia. 

The Princeton-based Coalition for Peace Action (CFPA) today announced the results of its “Penny Poll” conducted in front of the Palmer Square Post Office from 12:00-1:30 PM on April 16, the day after the filing deadline for income taxes, as well as at the CFPA table at Communiversity on April 27. Below are the results of area residents would like to see their federal tax dollars spent.  

As people came to the post office, or to the CFPA table at Communiversity, they were invited to express their opinion on how they would like their federal tax dollar to be spent.  

Each of the 381 participants were given ten pennies and asked to distribute them between five tubes representing categories of federal spending: education, environment, health care, housing, and military. The results are below.  


Number of Pennies





Health Care












 Participants were then handed a fact sheet showing that 57% of the “Discretionary Budget” for FY2014 was for military spending. Discretionary spending is what Congress can allocate for what it chooses each year, as distinct from entitlements. Discretionary Budget Funding for Education was just 6%, Health Care 5%; Environment 3%, and Housing 5%.   

“This year’s results remain consistent with Penny Poll results from previous years. Taxpayers want more of their hard-earned tax dollars going to education, environment, and health care, and far less to military purposes. We encourage taxpayers to contact their US Representative and Senators to urge them to support more peaceful federal budget priorities,” said the Rev. Robert Moore, Executive Director of CFPA.

Click on year to see past "penny poll" results: 2013; 2012; 2011


Annual Penny Poll
12:00-1:00 PM
Tuesday, April 17 (Tax day)
Palmer Square Post Office, Princeton, NJ




As people come to the post office to file their income taxes on the deadline for doing so, we hand them 10 pennies and ask them to divide them between tubes representing five categories of federal spending: education, health, environment, housing, and military. After participants divide up their pennies, we give them a pie chart showing how their federal tax dollar is actually spent, urging them to contact their federal representatives if their priorities are different from the chart. We then let the area media know the outcome of the Penny Poll.

Date: Tuesday, April 17
Time: 12:00-1:00 PM
Place: Palmer Square Post Office
Princeton, NJ

For more information contact Coalition for Peace Action
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(609) 924-5022



The Princeton-based Coalition for Peace Action (CFPA) will conduct its annual “Penny Poll” on federal spending priorities on this year’s deadline for filing federal tax returns, Tuesday, April 17, from 12 noon until 1:00 PM in front of the Palmer Square Post Office in downtown Princeton.

People approaching the post office, many to mail their tax returns by the deadline, will be handed 10 pennies and invited to distribute them among five tubes proportionate to how they would like to see their federal tax dollars spent. The five choices will include: Military, Environment, Education, Housing, and Health Care.

After distributing their pennies, participants will be handed a fact sheet describing how their federal tax dollar is actually spent. If their choices are dramatically different from those on the fact sheet, they will be urged to write a letter to their elected representatives urging change.

Interested people are invited to participate in the Penny Poll and/or to help conduct it by coming to the Palmer Square Post Office in Princeton between 12 and 1. For further information, visit CFPA’s web site at www.peacecoalition.org or call the CFPA office at (609) 924-5022.

CFPA Executive Director, the Rev. Robert Moore, will speak on Reprioritizing Federal Budget Priorities Toward Meeting Urgent Needs at Home at a Tax Day Town Hall hosted by the New Jersey Chapter of the Zeitgeist movement from 5:30-7:30 PM in the Main Meeting Room of the Trenton Public Library, 120 Academy Street in Trenton. The Town Hall is free and open to the public.

“For many years, the Penny Poll has had hundreds of participants throughout the region with strikingly similar results: the vast majority of respondents wanted the majority of their federal tax dollar spent on education and health care. Next came environment and housing. By a large margin, the least popular category of spending was for the military.

Yet in the FY 2011 Federal Budget, 57% of the Discretionary Budget (which Congress can allocate how it wants, and thus excludes trust funds like Social Security) was for Military Spending, while only 6% was for Education, 5% for Housing, and 3% for Environment[1].

The only way these distorted budget priorities will change is if we, average citizens, put enough pressure on our elected officials to insist that it change,” said the Rev. Robert Moore, Executive Director of CFPA.

[1] Statistics from the National Priorities Project


Coalition for Peace Action's Executive Director, The Rev. Bob Moore was the keynote speaker at "Prophet Muhammed (s): Leading Us From Darkness Into Light" on March 9, 2014 at Rutgers University.  Rev. Moore spoke about "Interfaith Peacemaking" to the approximately 300 gathered for the event.  The event was organized by Muslims for Peace, Inc.

Rev. Moore at the podium.
(photo courtesy of Irene Etkin Goldman)

The Coalition for Peace Action (CFPA) co-sponsors a monthly Protest Against the Horsham Drone Command Center.  The campaign to "stop the command center before it starts" continues the last Saturday of each month.  It opened in October 2013, but doesn't become operational until 2015. See photos below courtesy of John Lien

Drone Demo 07-26-14

Part of crowd on 7/26/14. Click here to see photo gallery.


IMG 7303
Protesters line the streets in a demonstration against the Horsham Drone Command Center on 11/30/13 the Saturday after Thanksgiving.


IMG 2362
Protesters gather to voice "humanity's cry" against the Horsham Drone Command Center 10/26/13


IMG 1132

Protesters gather with enthusiasm and signs 9/28/13   

drone protest 2
Protestors gather outside the Horsham Air Guard Station along Route 611 on 6/29/13.

drone protest 2 bob
CFPA Executive Director the Rev. Robert Moore addresses the crowd

drone protest 2 vet for peace
A member of Veterans for Peace carries a sign warning of the hatred caused by the use of drones.

The Coalition for Peace Action (CFPA) is co-sponsoring monthly demonstrations against a planned drone command center on the last Saturday of every month in Horsham, PA. Below are selected photos of some of them since May, 2013. Thanks to John Lien! Click here to see a larger group of John's photos of the April 26, 2014 demonstration.

drone protest crowd
Protestors gather outside of the Horsham Air Guard Station with a message to stop the drone command center before it starts.

drone protest bob
The Rev. Robert Moore, Executive Director of the Coalition for Peace Action, was one of the event's speakers.

bill perry
Bill Perry of Vietnam Veterans Against the War also spoke.

drone replica
A drone replica created by demonstrators.

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