The Coalition for Peace Action spearheaded a Climate Crisis Earth Day event on the 45th Anniversary of Earth Day, in Princeton, NJ entitled: Climate, War, and Peace: Global Crisis and Local Solutions.

FB12B2One of the panelists, Karen Feridun, Founder of Berks Gastruth, speaks to an audience of 75 attendees on Natural Gas is not a Bridge Fuel, it's a Gangplank at CFPA's Earth Day Climate Crisis Event. 
Speakers of CFPA's Earth Day Climate Crisis event on "Global Crisis and Local Solutions". (From left: Dr. Mike Aucott, The College of New Jersey (TCNJ); Dr. David Hughes, Rutgers University; Cymie Payne J.D., Rutgers University, Karen Feridun, Founder of Berks Gastruth; The Rev. Robert Moore, Coalition for Peace Action Regional Director; Atid Kimelman, Tri-State Coalition for Responsible Investment; Lee Ziesche, The Solutions Project; Ed Aguilar J.D., Coalition for Peace Action Pennsylvania Director, Alesha Vega Coalition for Peace Action, Assistant Director.)

To view a full gallery of photos on Facebook from the Earth Day event, Click Here (Photos courtesy of Cathy Leary) 

SixMileRun1Rev. Bob Moore, Coalition for Peace Action (CFPA) Executive Director speaks with attendees of the Six Mile Run Reformed Church follow-up presentation from the Interfaith Drone Conference at Princeton Seminary
Sami Catovic, Director of the New Brunswick Islamic Center (NBIC) speaks with Rev. Osy Neusch, minister of Six Mile Run Reformed Church, where the event was held. 

Pictures (in background is Drone quilt supplied by former Army Chaplain Chris Antal to commemorate drone victims) are from a follow-up presentation at the Six Mile Run Reformed Church, spearheaded by CFPA from the Interfaith Drone Conference at Princeton Seminary. There were about 35 in attendance. Special thanks to Robin Suydam, a member of Six Mile Run Reformed Church who attended the Drone Conference at Princeton Seminary and hosted this follow up event. 


Photos courtesy of John Lien.

The Princeton-based Coalition for Peace Action (CFPA) today announced the results of its annual “Penny Poll” conducted in front of the Palmer Square Post Office from 12:00-1:30 PM on April 15, the deadline for filing federal income taxes. Below are the results of area residents would like to see their federal tax dollars spent.

As people came to the post office they were invited to express their opinion on how they would like their federal tax dollar to be spent.

Each of the 50 participants were given ten pennies and asked to distribute them between five tubes representing categories of federal spending: education, environment, health care, housing, and military. The results are below.


Number of Pennies





Health Care












Participants were then handed a fact sheet showing that 57% of the “Discretionary Budget” for FY2014 was for military spending. Discretionary spending is what Congress can allocate for what it chooses each year, as distinct from entitlements. Discretionary Budget Funding for Education was just 6%, Health Care 5%; Environment 3%, and Housing 5%.

“This year’s results remain consistent with Penny Poll results from previous years. Taxpayers want more of their hard-earned tax dollars going to education, environment, and health care, and far less to military purposes. We encourage taxpayers to contact their US Representative and Senators to urge them to support more peaceful federal budget priorities,” said the Rev. Robert Moore, Executive Director of CFPA.

Photos courtesy of John Lien.
Photos courtesy of John Lien.

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Coalition for Peace Action's 5th annual Membership Renewal & New Member Welcome Gathering on Sunday March 29, 2015 was a great success. Over 80 people attended. Dr. Frank von Hippel & Dr. Zia Mian, Nuclear experts at the Program on Science & Global Security Princeton University, spoke on their book "Unmaking the Bomb".
(Photos Courtesy of John Lien)
Dr. Zia Mian & Dr. Frank von Hippel address questions from the crowd. Quilts commemorating victims of Drone Warfare, coordinated by former Army Chaplain from NY Rev. Chris Antal, are on display in the background.

The audience listens intently to the talk on "Unmaking the Bomb".

Dr. Zia Mian, a co-author of "Unmaking the Bomb" and one of Sunday's speakers, signs copies of his book which was available for sale at the gathering.

To view complete Facebook album of photos from the event, Click Here.

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