Niki VanAller, Assistant Director

Linkedin PictureI graduated in May 2017 from St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia, PA, with a dual Bachelor's degree in English and Political Science. While at St. Joe's, I was very involved in my role on the Executive Board of their Women's Leadership Initiative, and I founded several activism-based clubs for students to get involved with. 

In my studies, I gained an in-depth understanding of how domestic and global politics function to impact power relationships interpersonally and internationally. I focused in on how social movements can effectively impact change. 

As a leader and organizer, I brought together students to demonstrate in solidarity with immigrants and refugees, to call their representatives against the January 2017 travel ban, to stand up against gender-based violence, to sign pledges in support of transgender students, to voice their opinions via political journalism, and more. 

My political science studies and my leadership in student organizing fueled my passion for grassroots activism. Every single person is needed in the fight to make a difference. I became the Assistant Director at CFPA in January 2018, and I am looking forward to mobilizing as many people as possible in the name of peace.

Edward A. Aguilar, J.D.,
Pennsylvania Director

Edward A. Aguilar, J.D., Pennsylvania DirectorEd Aguilar is Director of the Coalition for Peace Action in Pennsylvania. After successful collaboration with CFPA on promoting the New START Treaty (2010), in 2012, Ed was appointed to open the Philadelphia CFPA office. That year, we organized a Voting Rights campaign, to allow 50,000 college students to vote, who were being denied access to the ballot by the “PA Voter ID Law”, later reversed as unconstitutional. Ed has worked on rallies and conferences at Friends Center; Temple, St. Joseph’s, Arcadia, Penn, and Drexel Universities; and the Philadelphia Ethical Society, on abolishing nuclear weapons, the climate crisis, mass incarceration, and diplomacy not war in Korea and Iran. He has led CFPA lobbying with Pennsylvania Senators and Members of Congress. Recently, he accompanied a delegation of South Korean pro-peace legislators and activists to Congress, which gained support from Rep. Dwight Evans (D-PA) and others for inter-Parliamentary dialogue for diplomacy and peace.

Ed is a lawyer by profession, with a J.D. from Temple University Law School. At the Philadelphia Court System, he was a Special Master for a three-judge panel on issues of civil and constitutional rights for 22 years, 1979- 2000. As an adjunct professor, Ed has taught Criminal Justice and Constitutional Law, and most recently Arms Control and Nuclear Disarmament at St. Joseph’s University. He has served on the Board of the Envision Peace Museum; National Advisory Council, Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy (since 2012); and the Board of Resolution Media Fund (2013-present), which produced Groundswell Rising-- Protecting Our Children's Air and Water, from the award-winning director Renard Cohen, and producer Mark Lichty. With LAWS, Ed served on the team that helped draft the first Nuclear Weapons Ban Convention; this became a model for the Nuclear Ban Treaty, adopted in 2017 at the U.N.

With National Lawyers Alliance for World Security (1986-2008), Project for Nuclear Awareness (2006-2012), and the Peace Coalition since 2012, Ed has worked for the rule of law, for nuclear arms control and disarmament, to mobilize Peace Voters, and for federal budget priorities that reflect human needs. Contact Ed at CFPA, 1515 Cherry Street, Philadelphia PA, 19102, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..